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We are seeking a benefits coordinator.  This an entry level management position for an aggressive, independent, entrepreneurial and self-movivated sales person.  Rapid advancement opportunities. 

$70,000 to $125,000 per year depending on how many hours you want to work.  Income and work schedule will be discussed in your interview.  Your pay is unlimited with no cap on earnings. 

Follow up on leads supplied by the company.  Attend approximately 2 weeks of original training in the office. Your clients are existing members of labour unions, credit unions and associations.  Union members already have the best benefit packages available. Because of various circumstances, from time to time, there are additional benefits available to members that send in a request. Union members submit an unlimited number of requests and your job is to follow them up in person. You can therefore control your own schedule, the days you want to work spending as many hours as you wish to get the job done.  The job is in the field, writing up requests submitted by the members, then reporting back to the office for more leads and attending sales meetings.


The company is 60 years old and deals with incoming inquiries for supplemental benefits sent in by union and association members.  There are over 1000 brick and mortar field offices.  Operating in USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland; the company generates sales following up on leads with  existing sales people.  The work enviornment  is stable with a low turnover.    Exclusive customer base, no cold calling, no prospecting, no competition.   Long term career positions and company benefits.  The company maintains contracts with labour unions, credit unions and various associations in order to write up the supplemental benefits for the members that have requested them..   


Management - entry level