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:  Your application for “Sales - $110,000” has been reviewed & approved to hire.  Contact 347 298 1881 jackson@cbdrecruiter.com  to proceed and start.

 You’re background and skill set are what we need.  We are pleased to hire and start you at $1000 / wk guaranteed base to $110,000/yr in an “entry level sales management position” with rapid advancement opportunities.
All accounts, clients, business files and templates are supplied by the company and you will be given an opportunity to advance to project manager.  Work independently from your own remote, satellite office with company reimbursed expenses.  You need to operate as a real functioning business. Example: your own website LLC, EIN, business bank account, CRM and MOTO virtual terminal merchant account, so that the company can process your weekly pay. 

 Website          https://www.godaddy.com/promos/hot-deals               30 minutes complete
 LLC                 http://ecorp.azcc.gov/                                                  24 hour rush service                                                                                                                                                                  http://www.netpaybankcard.com/contactus.html

 Merchants      www.highriskpay.com                                                   24 hour rush service



Job Description
Sales – entry level sales manager.  Process incoming sales and distribute commissions, daily communication, reports and updates, account reconciliations, maintain and build sales team.  No prospecting, no cold calling, no in person presentations.  This is a sales management position and not an in person sales position.
Sales, commissions, sales team, CRM
Work your own hours to get the job done anywhere anytimeWork as a remote agent independently from your own location
Strong sales background, people skills, and entrepreneurial spirit
Get it done attitude
CBD Recruiter LLC
New York, New YORK
HR – Recruiting – Assistant Director
Jackson Farquar
347 298 1881
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